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Session One Private Class Details:
September 12-October 26th
(No Class on 9/26, 9/27 or 10/5)
6 weeks of class, 1 hour per week
Ages 5 and up
$210 per child ($35/class)

Our private classes can be held at a host home in the backyard OR we are pleased to offer the indoor (weather proof!) option of holding your class at
St George's Church in Maplewood.

In our private classes, your children will play games and build a scene and song (or their own play) with their friends to be shown to their parents at the
end of the last class of the session.

Through productive play they will learn
about the building blocks of theatre
including singing, acting, dancing,
character development and the various
people and elements that
come together to make a show.

Our focus is teamwork, creativity, arts appreciation, and skill development while playing in a fun, supportive and cooperative environment. 

To organize a private class, please gather a group
of 5-8 kids and email us at:
to set up your class!
*LAA is based on the SOMA School District Calendar
but teaching artists can reschedule individual classes to
accommodate other school district calendars.
**Please note that if you host your private class, during classes, parents and siblings should be out of sight and any distractions should be removed (toys etc) for the duration of class. We want everyone to be set up for success and we thank you for your support and understanding.

Students will get to share what they've learned with their families at the end of the session in a fun and low pressure "performance".


Come Join The Fun!

Session 5 Themes!


It's The Circle Of LIFE...and it moves us all! Welcome to the Pride Lands, where Simba has great adventures and danger ahead of him but right now he Just Can't Wait To Be King! Let's act, sing, dance and play in the world of The Lion King. We'll learn about the story and the show while creating a short scene/song to share with the parents on the last day of class. 


She may seem Quiet, but Matilda Wormwood is a Miracle! This Little Girl can read books by the hundred and discovers magical powers to fight back at school when The Trunchbull (her headmistress) becomes too evil to bear. Let's act, sing, dance and play in Matilda's world. We'll learn about the story/show while creating a short scene/song to share with the parents on the last day of class.


Let's put our minds together and create our own story based on a book! This class takes imagination, bravery, and compromise. Our Create Your Own Classes are wacky and fun and are a HUGE hit in our private classes. We'll build a short play to show the parents on the last day of class.