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About us

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Little Apple Arts is here to inspire the next generation of kids to love and appreciate THEATRE! Our goal is to cherish the fun of being able to PLAY while learning and growing. We encourage kids to use their imaginations and celebrate their strengths. We also stretch their minds and talents by providing fun and educational experiences in the dramatic arts. We believe in teamwork and collaboration and relish in the joy of bringing kids together to create!

What Happens In Class?


  • Physical and Vocal Warmups

  • Various aspects of the chosen theme (characters, plot, design, a brief history of the show, actors who play the roles etc.)

  • Acting games encouraging confidence, imagination, and collaboration

  • Acting, singing and dancing through scene work, staging and choreography

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How We Roll

1- We are hard core...

                     about KINDNESS!

2- We want to set each child up to



3- Our rules are very serious:

           1- Listen

          2-Do your best

          3-Have fun!

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